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Why Don't You Love Jesus?

By Harold Smith

I hope, boys and girls, that you know and love the Lord Jesus Christ like the little girl in our story today! The story is told by a Sunday School Teacher of a little girl who came to her Sunday School Class and told her that she had asked some other children to come to Sunday School with her that day, but they said that their father was an infidel and so they could not come. This little girl wanted to know from her teacher, "What is an infidel?". Her teacher went on to explain, "Well dear, that is a person who does not believe in God or the Bible.". One day, that same little girl was walking down the street and near the Post Office she saw this man whose children said was an infidel coming out of the Post Office with his mail. So she ran up to the man and she said, "Sir, why don't you love Jesus?" If it had been a man who had said such a thing to him, he likely would have hit him, but he didn't know what to do with this little child. And with tears in her eyes, she asked him again, "Oh, please tell me sir, why don't you love Jesus?" This man huffed off and went on to his office, and every letter he opened seemed to ask him, "Why don't you love Jesus?" He attempted to write some letters, but every letter he tried to write seemed to say the same thing, "Why don't you love Jesus?". He threw down his pen in despair and left the office and wanted to get rid of this question, but it didn't matter where he went, it seemed that everything seemed to ask him the same thing, "Sir, why don't you love Jesus?" At last, he went home, and even there it seemed that his own children were asking him the same question, "Why don't you love Jesus?", so he said to his wife, "I think I'll go to bed early tonight", thinking to himself that he might just be able to sleep this thing off. So he went to bed and he laid down to try to go to sleep, but it seemed that even the pillows said, "Sir, why don't you love Jesus?" So he thought, "I'll settle this right now. I'll get up and I'll read in the Gospel of John and I'll prove that Christ contradicts Himself and that He's not real!". So he read on from the Gospel of John until he got to John 3:16 where it says "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life." When he read that verse, he bowed himself to the love of God and trusted in the Lord Jesus who had loved him and died for him on Calvary's cross, and the peace and the love of God filled his heart and his soul. Now what about you today?? Do you love the Lord Jesus? When we think of all that Jesus did for us, do you love Jesus today? Have you trusted Him as your own personal Saviour? If not, why not TODAY?