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The Newfoundland Show Dog

By Harold Smith

My story today is about another dog, a Newfoundland dog. This wasn't a dog that went to sea, like the dog we talked about before, this was a very prized show dog, and very well trained. However, many years ago England went to war. And there was a regiment called the Royal Victoria Rifles. And they went to Hong Kong to fight in the war. And this dog, he was sent with them. He was of some value to them. And they were in Hong Kong and the soldiers dug out a trench so that they could hide from the enemy. But the enemy saw them digging the trench, and they knew exaclty where it was. And one day an enemy soldier came and threw a small bomb into a tent that was among the soldiers. There were about 20 soldiers in the tent. This dog, knowing that the bomb would explode and kill all the soldiers, snapped up the bomb in his mouth and he jumped over the top of the trench, and he ran, and he ran with that bomb in his mouth and soon, BANG! The bomb went off, and it blew the dog in a thousand pieces. But, 20 men back in the trench were saved. The dog lost his own life, but he saved 20 men from death. He sure proved that he was a good dog, faithful to the soldiers by dying for them. Now boys and girls, that's exactly what the Lord Jesus has done. He died on the cross to save many, many people from dying that death themselves. The enemy, he would throw bombs at us, and he would do all that he could to destroy us, and drag us down into Hell, but the Lord Jesus has taken all of our sins - our bombs - upon Him, and He died on the cross for our sins, so that through His death, we can be saved. You have to trust Him. He was faithful in dying for us. But you have to trust Him as your Savior. Have you ever done that? Have you ever come to see that you were lost, that you were a sinner, and trusted Christ? Do it and be saved today!