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The Son of a Famous General

By Harold Smith

This story today, boys and girls, is told about a little boy who was the son of a famous general in the Army. The general was a real, true born-again Christian. He used to take his little son in his arms and on his lap and tell him about the Lord Jesus. One day he said to his little one, "Would my little son like to go to Heaven?" "Oh yes Daddy", he said, "but how would you get there?" "Where the Holy God is" Daddy replied, "but your little heart is full of sin". "But" the boy said, "all people are sinners, Daddy". "That's true", said the father, "still, God has said that only those who are pure in heart shall see Him, but you have no pure heart - how shall you see Him?" The boy thought a little while and then he said, "But Daddy, Jesus can save me from sin". He had learned, boys and girls, that the Savior loved him when he was yet a sinner, and that through the Savior's blood, shed on Calvary's cross, he could be saved from his sins, too. So he took his place as a sinner and trusted in the Lord Jesus, and he found that wonderful peace that only comes to boys and girls through the Lord Jesus Christ. Have you come to see that yet? You can't save yourself. You can't be saved as you are, because your heart is sinful in the sight of God. But you can be saved through the Lord Jesus. That's what He came into the world to do. In Matthew chapter 1 and verse 21, the Bible says, "Thou shalt call his name JESUS, for he shall save his people from their sins". Have you been saved yet? Have you come to the Savior? Have you put your trust in the Savior? Have you told the Savior that you're a sinner, but that since He died for your sins, and through trusting in Him and His Word, you can be saved from sin. Have you come to tell Him that you're going to do that yet? Why don't you make today the day that you'll say, "Lord Jesus I come to thee, and I'm going to trust thee as my Savior". Do it right now, and be saved before it's forever too late!