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Happy Jane

By Harold Smith

My story today, boys and girls, is entitled "Happy Jane". Jane wasn't her real name, Jane was a little indian girl. Her father, who had learned about the Lord Jesus brought Jane to a mission station one day. He was a cattle driver. He said, "This is my daughter. I'd like for you to take care of her and tell her about the Lord Jesus as well, and educate her, of course". But Jane didn't appear to be a very promising student. She was ragged and dirty and she was sickly looking and she just didn't seem to be interested in anything much. But it wasn't long before Jane started to change. The Lord's hand was upon her. And she began to show signs of studying and keeping herself tidy and clean, and she really came to know Jesus as her Lord and Savior. One day she said to the missionary, "I'd like to be baptized". And they said, "Don't you think you ought to wait?" And she said, "No, I want to be baptized now to show everybody that I've trusted the Lord Jesus as my Savior. And besides, I'm not very well and I don't know when I might go to be with the Lord". So she was baptized and not long after she came with another request. She said, "If I go back to my home again, where my people are for 14 days, I'd like to go back and tell my grandmother, who is very old, I'd like to tell her about the Lord Jesus. Would you please let me go? There's a man going and he promises to take me there and take care of me on the way". So the missionaries agreed and she went, and true to her word, in 14 days she came back again. She was all smiles. She had talked to her grandmother and just 3 days after she got there, her grandmother died. But before she died, her grandmother came to know the Lord Jesus as her savior. She said, "I'm so glad that I went, so Grammy could be saved". Not long after that, little Jane herself was sick, and shortly after, she went to be with the Lord. But she was a happy girl, not afraid to live for the Lord and not afraid to die and go to be with the Lord. What a blessing that is, to know the Lord Jesus as your Savior, and be able to say, "I'm not afraid to live for Him and I'm not afraid to die". Trust Him and be saved today!