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Lost at Sea

By Harold Smith

I have a story for you today, this is a sea story. Oh, it was a terrible, terrible storm! And many of the fishermen from this village were out to sea. Mothers and wives and children wondered, "What's going to happen to our sons and our brothers and our husbands and those other people out in those fishing boats?" Well, they waited anxiously and the storm abated, and soon the first boat came sailing into the harbor. And they were all waiting for them to come. One boat came in and once they got into the calmer harbor, the cheer went up from the people who were waiting on the shore. By and by another boat came, and the same thing happened again - once it got safe in the harbor, out of the storm, the cheers went up, the roar went up, because some others had been saved. And finally, they all came in, all but one. But the last boat, the one boat left, had seven men aboard. They had been out in that terrible storm. Soon the people on the shore saw the last boat, with the seven men coming. And it was coming along and through the storm seemingly quite well. And it was getting near the harbor where it could pull into the port, where it could be safe. And suddenly, a big, huge wave came, and it came over the back of the boat and filled the boat and down it went. And seven men perished in a watery grave. The people on the shore screeched, and the air was filled with their screeches as they watched those men go down to a watery grave. They were almost saved, but they were lost. This reminds me of many boys and girls, many people, who are almost saved. They're living in a storm, but they just don't make it. They never come to that place where they really get into the haven of God's rest, the place of safety, where the storm won't hurt them. And you know, the Lord Jesus is the only place of safety. There's no other ark. There's no other harbor. There's no other place where you can come in out of the storm of His wrath, but into the Lord Jesus, and what He's done for you on Calvary's cross. Are you out in the storm, waiting for the judgement of God to fall on you? Or are you in Christ? Trust Him. Take Him as your Savior, and be saved this very day.