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The Captain and the Barometer

By Harold Smith

I have a sea story for you today, it's called "The Captain and the Barometer". This story is told of a sea captain who was out off of Barbados. And they were all on deck, and it was a beautiful day. So calm and so smooth, and it looked like it would never storm again. And it was so nice out on deck that the captain went up in the wheel house and he looked at the barometer and he noticed that it was going down, down, down. The mercury was falling real fast, and this meant there was a storm coming. So he went up on deck and he came back again and it was still going down terribly fast. And he thought, "What's going to happen?" And he went up on deck again and he looked, and the weather was so lovely and it looked like there wasn't a breath of air, and it looked like it was going to be a real fine period of weather. But he said to the men on the boat, "Let's get ready. We must fasten everything down. We must fasten everything down solid. We're in for a terrible storm. Put everything loose away. And batten everything down. And tie everything down. Because there's going to be a terrible storm". Well, the crew did as the captain said because he was the boss. But you know, they sort of scoffed and they sneered a little bit, "I wonder what's wrong with the Captain? Something must be wrong with him. It's not going to storm. There's no sign of a storm". But they still did what they were told to do. And they tied everything down. And they went down below. And of course, it started to become night, and it was still fine, so they went to sleep. But oh, in the night, just all of a sudden, a storm hit. And it was a vicious storm. And it seemed it was right at its peak to begin with. But the alert captain knew the storm was coming and he rode out the storm. And he rode to safety, all because he heeded the warning of the weather glass. When it went down, he knew the storm was coming. Boys and girls, the Bible says "How can we escape if we neglect so great a salvation". God has provided a wonderful salvation for you. Don't wait until the storm of His wrath comes. But get ready now, and be saved when it comes. Put your trust in the Lord Jesus and you'll be saved. Do it today and be saved!