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The Rag Doll

By Harold Smith

I have a story today about a little rag doll. And this was a boy that had the doll, and not a girl. His name was Ralph. He was the youngest boy in a family of four. He was just a wee little fellow when his mother made him a little rag doll. Ralph used to carry the doll around, everywhere he went. And at night, he always wanted the doll to take to bed with him. He named his doll Susie. One evening at bedtime, Ralph began to cry, "Mommy, I want Susie". "Ralph", his mother said, "Where is Susie?" "She's on the back porch" Ralph answered, "she's dead". When mother went to get Susie, she found the little doll was soaking wet, and when she held it up, it's head fell over. She carried the doll into the bedroom and asked Ralph some questions. She soon learned that her little boy had baptized Susie the rag doll, in the bath. Just like he'd seen his father baptize some people at the hall. "Don't cry Ralph" said mother, "Susie isn't dead, she'll be alright, I'll fix her up, and she'll be alright in the morning". Thus Ralph was comforted, and he went off to bed and soon went to sleep. Mother took the rag doll all apart and dried out the cotton by the stove and stuffed it all back again and sewed it all up, and soon Susie was as good as new. When Ralph woke up in the morning, he was delighted to see Susie. Susie was all right again. She wasn't dead any more. Mommy had brought her back to life. This reminded mother that one day the Lord Jesus was going to raise all those people from the dead that had believed in Him. And He was going to take them to Heaven to be with Him. For the Bible says the Lord Himself shall come down from Heaven with a shout, and the dead in Christ are going to rise. What about you? If the Lord should come, would you go to be with Him? You have to be in Christ. You have to be saved. You have to know Him as your personal Savior. Have you ever trusted in Him? Have you ever been saved? Do you know the Lord Jesus as your own? If you don't, why don't you let Him come into your life today. He stands at your heart's door knocking. If you'd open your heart's door, He said, "I will come in". So let Him in, and be saved right now. Do it, and be saved today!