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The Blood Marked the Door

By Harold Smith

My story today is entitled, "The Blood Marked Door". Oh, it's not the story in Exodus chapter 12, but I might refer to that. It's the story of a ruthless commander in a cruel and a bloody war. They went into these little towns, They would go into these little towns and they would go into the houses, and they would kill the helpless people. And then they'd take the blood of those people and they'd come out and sprinkle it all over the door, so that people going through the village would know that they'd been there and killed all of the people. As quickly as they could do it, they would do it. Well, they were coming to this village, the people knew they were coming. Many of them had gathered all at one house. But some didn't. And they came in, and they killed the people. And one fellow ran ahead and he went to a house where a lot of them were staying, and he said to them, "I've got a wonderful idea. There's a goat out in yard. Let's take the goat and kill it. And we'll splatter the blood all over the door, and then when the people come, they'll think somebody's already been here, that all the people in that house are dead, and it's no good to go in there". So they did it. So they took and they killed the goat, they splattered the blood all over the outside of the door, and they barely got back in the house when that bloody commander came with his cruel men along to that house. And they looked, and they saw the blood, and they said, "Some of our men have been here already". So they passed right by, and the people inside were saved because they put the blood on the door. That's exactly, boys and girls, what the story in the Bible, in Exodus chapter 12 was all about. Of the Egyptians and the Israeli people, of how they put the blood on the door and death passed right by them. You know, boys and girls, if you put your trust in the blood of Christ, that blood that was shed on Calvary's cross for your sins, and if you apply that blood to your heart and your life by faith, by trusting in it, and trusting in that Savior, then death will pass right by you. You'll never die in your sins. You might die physically, but you'll never die that awful death, that awful second death and be cast into Hell. Why don't you trust the Savior. Make Him your Savior today by trusting in the Blood, applying it to your heart and your life by faith and death will pass right by. Trust in the Lord Jesus, and you'll be saved. Do it today and be saved!