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Stray Dog

By Harold Smith

Boys and girls, did you ever want to take in a stray dog? I know boys like to do that. They sort of take pity on a dog, a stray dog. Well, a kind lady one time did that. She thought, "I don't know what I'm taking this dog in for". He was just an old mongrel dog, not too clean looking, not too pretty - but the woman took pity on the dog because her children wanted to take him in. They named him Jiggs. And sometime later, she looked at the lifeless form of that dog, all burnt to pieces, and she said, "And to think that at the first, I didn't want him". You see, Jiggs was found dead by one of the girls' beds. During the night, the house had caught on fire, and Jiggs had come in and woke up the lady, the mother of the house. And then before the mother could get around to the rest of the 7 children, Jiggs went up and down the hallway into the rooms, in and out and away he went until he woke up every one of the children. Lucy was the last one - the youngest - that he woke up. And as soon as Lucy woke up, she took off as fast as she could, out to the door, and got out of the house before she burned. But Jiggs, he didn't make it - almost, but he just didn't make it. He got burned so badly that he died. "Yes" the lady said, "To think that at first, I didn't want to take him in". You know, they likely would've all perished had it not been for that dog, who woke them all up - though he died in the process. How many boys and girls are like that today? They don't take the Lord Jesus in, not realizing He can save them from perishing in their sins. And they despise Him and reject Him, and sad to say, many boys and girls laugh at Him, and they use His name in vain. They curse people by His name. And yet, this is the Savior that was willing to lay down His life for boys and girls, that you might be saved. He it is, that came into this wicked world of sin and gave His life for you. Won't you trust Him and be saved? Do it, and be saved today!