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The Preacher and the Coal Mine

By Harold Smith

My story today is about a preacher who went down in a coal mine one noon hour to talk to the men about the Lord Jesus Christ. He told them the simple story of God's love to sinners, and how God had provided a wonderful remedy for their sins through the blood of the Lord Jesus. It came time for the men to go back to work, and the preacher started to go out. And he said to the foreman, "What do you think of God's salvation?" And the foreman said, "That's too simple, that's too cheap, that's too simple, I can't believe in something as simple as that!" Without an answer, the preacher said, "How do I get out of this place?" "Why" he said, "Just get in the cage and push a button and it'll take you right up, 1800 feet, right to the top of the ground, just push a button and up you go." And the preacher said, "Does it take very long?" "Oh no," he said, "It only takes a few seconds". And the preacher asked, "How much does it cost?" "Oh" the foreman said, "it doesn't cost anything, it's very easy." The preacher asked, "Must I do anything? Do I have to lift or push or anything?" "Oh no" the foreman said, "you don't have to lift or push or anything, all the work has been done. Many years ago, men dug this shaft with a lot of hard work and great cost, and this is an easy way out. Instead of walking up the slopes, just get in and push the button and up you go, it's as simple as that". The preacher said, "That's just like God's salvation. It's easy, but it's not cheap. It's easy, you don't do anything, but the work has all been done. God sent His Son into the world at a great cost to God, and a great labor to Christ. He provided a wonderful salvation. That's why it's so easy. And that's why you don't have to pay for it", the preacher said. The foreman seemingly saw the wonderful way of God's salvation. Do you see that? It's not what you do for the Lord that saves you, boys and girls, it's what He's done for you. The work has all been done. You don't have to lift yourself up to heaven. You only have to come to Him as a poor sinner and trust Him as your Savior. He takes you to Heaven. He is the Savior. You're the sinner. He alone is the One that does the saving, and does it all. Why don't you trust Him and be saved today?