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Father, Make It Plain

By Harold Smith

My story today is about a boy who grew up to become a colonel. And he said one day to his father, "Make it so plain that I can get ahold of it". I wonder what that meant. Well, you listen and you'll find out what it means. He grew up and he went in the Army, this boy, and he became a colonel. And one day he was out in the battle and got wounded, terribly wounded. And his father came to see him, and he saw that there was little or no hope for his son. So he went to the doctor and the doctor said, "Maybe just two or three days and he'll be gone". Well, the heavy-hearted father went back to the son. The son said, "What did the doctor say?" "Well" the father said, "He said you're going to die". "How long?" "Two or three days, that's all". "Oh, but I mustn't die, I mustn't die, I'm not saved, I'm not ready to die! Father, can I really have forgiveness of sins? Will God forgive me? Can I know that I'm saved and forgiven?" "Oh, yes", the father said, "Certainly you can". "Well Father, make it so plain that I can get ahold of it". So the father thought, "What am I ever going to tell my dying son? I've told him the Gospel over and over again". Then he thought, "I'll tell him a little story". He said, "Do you remember son, that time when you came home from school and you got so mad at me and you said some terrible words and went away mad? Then you came back and threw your arms around me and said 'Father, I'm sorry, forgive me'. And how I embraced you and we kissed one another and I forgave you? Do you remember that time?" "Oh yes" the son said, "I remember". He said, "Do you really believe me? Do you really believe I forgave you?" "Oh yes Father, I believe you forgave me". "Well" he said, "that's how you've got to come to the Lord Jesus. Tell Him you're sorry for your sins and He'll forgive you and you just take Him at His Word." The son thought awhile and the heavy-hearted father waited. Finally, the son said, "Father, it's all settled, I'm just taking Him at His Word. He promised forgiveness through His blood and I'm trusting in Him". What a happy father that was! The doctor came in and the son was happy too. And the doctor said, "Colonel, you're looking better today". And he said, "I am better, I'm saved and on the way to Heaven". Do you know boys and girls, he did get better, and he lived a long time to witness for Christ. What about you? Do you know the Savior? Have you trusted Him? Do it today, and be saved!