Bus Story Page

The Man Who Missed the Train

By Harold Smith

My story today is about missing the train. A man came rushing in about 9 o'clock into the train station and the station master was just settling down for a quiet hour or two's rest because the train had just gone, and he came in, and oh, he was really mad, and very mean, because he had missed the train. And he just stomped up and down the platform, and he kind of said some bad things about the bus driver for being so late. And he said, "I would rather have paid $25 than to have missed that train!" And the station agent said, "Why don't you cool down, there's another one coming along in an hour or so, there's lots of room over there, why don't you sit down and maybe read something?" So the man after a while cooled down and he sat down and he happened to notice some leaflets nearby, they were Gospel tracts. And he started to read them. And he kept reading. And the other train came in and the passengers got off, and the man never seemed to lift up his head. And the other train got ready to leave and the station agent said to the man, "Your train mister, it's getting ready to leave!" And the man sort of woke up and said, "Oh, yeah, I see, my train's ready to leave. Say sir, would you sell me this tract? I'd like to read it again". "Oh", the station master said, "Take it, a lady comes in and puts those there, they're free!" "Well", the man said, "You thank her for it and thank you for it", and he took the tract and away he went on the train. About a month went by and this man came back and came into the station master, he was real happy, and he put out his hand and shook his hand, and said, "Do you remember me?" The station man said, "Oh, yeah, you're the man that was so mad because you missed your train." "Yeah", he said, "I was, I'm the man, but I'm glad I missed the train, because I found the Savior. I read that little tract and it told me how to be saved. I just was so busy, I never had time for Him before. But I'm glad I missed the train, because I found the Savior." I don't know what you're looking for in life, but I hope you miss it, boys and girls, and find the Savior. Because that's the best find you could ever find, a Savior that loves you and died for you. When you come to see what He's done for you and trust Him, that gives you eternal life. So you do it! Find the Savior and be saved today.