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Two Died For Me

By Harold Smith

Our story to day is a "Sea Story". It's a story about a man who said, "TWO DIED FOR ME!". The story is told about a man looking out over an angry sea after a terrible storm, and a sailor came up to the man and he said to the man, "Sir, may I ask you a question?? Are you saved or are you lost? I mean, do you know Jesus as your own personal Saviour?" . And the man said, "Sure, I know Jesus as my personal Saviour!". So they talked a little bit, and the man said to the sailor, "How long have you been saved?" . "Well", said the sailor. "It's been just about five years now." And the man said, "I'd like to hear about itwould you tell me?". The sailor said, "SureI'll never forget ittwo people died for me!" And the sailor went on to tell a story about being on a ship and a terrible storm came up, just like the one that had just gone by. And he said, "The Mate on the ship was saved, and they got almost ashore through the storm when the ship smashed up against the rocks. Some brave people on the shore saw what happened and they started out in a life boat and they came out to the ship and got all the women and children off first and took them ashore and then they came back again and got a few more people off and took them to shore and this would make the third time they were coming back to get the people of the big ship, but they knew they could not get everybody off before the ship sank completely, so they began to draw lots to see who would go in the next trip and who would have to stay and go down with the big ship. Well, the mate was saved and his name was Jim. And Tom, the sailor boy, was not saved, though the mate had talked to him on several occasions about the Lord. And as they drew lots, it was Tom's lot to stay aboard the big ship and die when it went down. And as they drew again, it was the mate's lot to get onboard the little life boat and go on safely to shore. When the little life boat finally reached the big boat, the big boat was filling with water and was going down quickly and Jim, the mate, pushed Tom and said, "Get in the boat! Get in the boat!" then he looked at Tom and said, "I'll stay here and go down with the ship and drown, but Tom, meet me in Heaven!", then he was pushed into the little lifeboat and it left to go ashore. Tom watched as that big ship went down with that mate was drowned because that mate took his place. Later, Tom accepted the Lord Jesus as his own personal Saviour and he said, "TWO DIED FOR ME! The mate died for me so I could be saved physically, but Jesus died for me that I might be saved eternally!"" Jesus died for you too boys and girls...have YOU trusted Him as your own personal Saviour? Why not do it TODAY and be saved for all eternity?