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Story of Two Rabbits

By Harold Smith

My story is based on a verse in Proverbs 30:26. It says, "The conies - that is, the rabbits - are but a feeble folk, yet they make their houses in the rocks." My story today is about two rabbits, two different kinds of rabbits. One is called a jackrabbit (that's the kind of rabbit we know about), the other one's called a cottontail rabbit. This story is a story of a nine-year-old boy who lived on a ranch in Texas, and the coyotes were bothering their calves and killing them. So the daddy got a greyhound dog who was good at killing coyotes, and his name was Blackie. Now, Blackie used to like to chase the rabbits better than he did the coyotes. Often times this boy would watch his dog catch these jackrabbits, and the jackrabbits never seemed to have too much sense, the boy thought. They'd always run for a haystack where the dog could dig them out or in the grain room where he could corner them, or get in a place where the dog could always get them, and Blackie always came out the winner, because they could never outrun the greyhound. The jackrabbit always lost out. One day, Blackie was chasing a rabbit, and the boy thought "Well, too bad for that rabbit, he hasn't got a chance with Blackie". But suddenly, Blackie's bark sounded different and the boy ran to the bushes and looked, and the dog was standing by a great big rock, as big as a house, and he was pulling and digging at a crevice in the rock, and trying to get in there, but he just couldn't get in there. That little cottontail rabbit wasn't depending on his legs and a lower haystack to protect him, he said, "I'm going to get in that crack in the rock, that dog can't get me there." Well, later the boy grew up, you know and he got saved. And he said, "Being saved is just like those two rabbits. The jackrabbit, he thought he could save himself and he went down and did the best he could, but the greyhound caught him and he got killed. But the little cottontail rabbit, he knew he was no match for the greyhound, so he ran into the rock, where it was safe". Now, the rock in the Bible, boys and girls, is the Lord Jesus Christ. Are you hiding in Him? Have you trusted in Him? Have you taken Him into your life as your Savior? Do like the little cottontail. Go into the Rock - Christ Jesus - and trust Him as your Savior and be saved today.