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Saved Twice at Sea

By Harold Smith

My story today is about a man who was saved in the sea. This man wasn't in a boat. In fact, he was only a young man, he was a good young man, he had been well brought up, and he was a preacher and he had a large congregation of people, but he really wasn't saved. He lived a very good life, but he still wasn't saved. Now one day, he was out swimming and he was a good swimmer, and he swam out into the sea, so strong and so brave, and he swam out a long ways into the sea and then he thought, "Well, I guess it's time I turned around and went back". And he turned around to swim back and he found that he had swam out too far, and the current was too strong, and he just couldn't make it back to the shore. Well, he got very panicky, and very much afraid, and he thought, "What am I going to do? I'll never make it!". And he was terribly afraid, and he thought, "I'm afraid to drown. I'm afraid to die. I'm not ready to die! I'm not really saved! I've lived a good life but I've never really trusted the Savior as my own. What am I ever going to do?" And there he lay on his back, trying to float. And all he could do was see his helplessness. And with a great cry, he cried like Peter of old, "Lord, save me or I perish!" And then he said, "I'm only a vile sinner". He was not talking about being saved from a watery grave, but he was talking about being saved from Hell. And he said, "Lord, I believe that Jesus shed His blood for me, and I'm going to trust thee as my Savior". Well, with that, he went unconscious. There was a boat coming along. A boy was in this fishing boat, and he said to his father, "Look! It's a man! It's a man!" And they rowed the boat hard, and they got it where the man was. And just as he was going down, they reached down and they saved him, and brought him ashore - not a dead corpse, but a man who was twice saved. Saved from a drowning in the sea, but he was also saved from a burning Hell. Because out there in the midst of that sea, he had trusted the Lord Jesus as his Savior. What about you? Have you trusted Him? Have you really trusted the Lord Jesus, and have you been saved? Do it today and be saved!