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A Pancake Story

By Harold Smith

I wonder how many of you boys and girls like pancakes? Well a story is told of a little boy named Henry. His mother had pancakes for breakfast. And he really loved pancakes, they were really good. Nobody could make pancakes like Henry's mother. So he ate, and he ate, and ate. And his mother said, "Henry, you mustn't eat any more, you'll be sick!" But after breakfast, mother was busy, dusting around the house, and a few minutes later, she saw Henry coming out from the kitchen. His eyes were tightly shut and his hands were behind his back, and he was walking right by his mother, and headed upstairs. And she saw in his hands several pancakes. "Henry!" she said, "What are you doing?" "You can't see me!" replied the little fellow. "Oh, yes I can", said his mother, "I can see you!" "Oh, no!" he said, "You can't see me, because I have my eyes closed and my hands behind my back". You see, he thought that because he closed his eyes to something, and hid the pancakes behind his back, that his mother didn't know and didn't see. She said, "Now Henry, you take those pancakes back to the kitchen. You're a bad boy!" Little Henry's like a lot of other boys and girls. They do bad things. And they know that's wrong. And they think, "If I cover it all up, then God won't see me". But you know, the Bible says God does see you. There's nothing hidden from His eye. His eye goes to and fro across the earth. And he sees everything, even the thoughts of our hearts - He knows them! You know, the Bible says that our heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked. God knows that and He tells us that. Don't close your eyes to your sin and your need, but open them! The Lord loves you, and Christ died for you, and He wants to save you. If you would come to Him and trust Him as your Savior, you could be saved right now. But if you close your eyes to your sin and try to cover it, the Bible says you'll not prosper. You'll die in your sins and you'll not be able to go where the Lord Jesus is. So, you come and trust the Savior and be saved right now.