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Get My Mother In

By Harold Smith

My story today is about a very poor young girl, her dying mother, and a young preacher. It was a cold, dark night. The little girl went out to get help for her mother, and she walked down the street toward a church. And it was raining. And she saw a man coming out of the church, and she stopped him. She said, "Mister, are you a preacher?". And he said, "Yes". And she said, "Would you come down and get my mother in?" Well, the preacher said, "Listen, if your mother's drunk, you better go get a policeman. That's his job, I'm not dressed for the occasion". She said, "Oh, no preacher, she's not drunk, she's home and she's dying and she's afraid to die. She wants to go to Heaven, can't you come and get her in?" Well, the preacher went with the little night caller and they got to the place where she lived, and it was very slummy area. And they went up an old rickety stair to an old dingy room, and there in the corner lay this woman. And this little girl said, "Mother, I've got the preacher for you. You listen to what he tells you." And that poor woman said, "Can you do anything for me, I'm a terrible sinner, I've sinned my whole life away, and I'm dying, and I'm afraid, and I'm going to Hell, and I don't want to. Can you do anything for me?" Well, the preacher didn't know what to say. He was told when people, if they turned over a new leaf and lived a better life and were more cultured and refined, they'd go to Heaven. But it wasn't any good to tell this woman that, because she wasn't refined and she didn't have time to reform and change her life. So he thought about what his own mother used to tell him, and he thought, "Well, I'll tell her what mother used to tell me - it won't hurt anyway". He said, "Woman, God's very gracious and kind. And in the Bible it says that He loves the world so much that He gave His son to die, and if they would believe on Him, they would not perish, but have everlasting life". "Oh" she said, "That should get me in, but what about my sins?" And to his amazement, he was quoting another verse that says, "The blood of Jesus Christ, God's son, cleanses from all sin". "All sin?" she asked. "Yes, all sin, it says". "That should get me in, I'm going to take Him as my savior". And right then and there, she took Him as her savior, and so did the preacher! The two of them got in that night. What about you? Have you got in yet? Have you trusted the Savior? Do you know Him as your own? Maybe tomorrow will be too late. Don't miss God's salvation. Trust Christ, and be saved today.