Bus Story Page

Tammy the Cat

By Harold Smith

My story today, boys and girls, is about a cat, the captain's cat. It's a story that took place in England many years ago, when they were sailing a boat up the English Channel. And the cook was down in the kitchen frying some bacon and sausage, getting ready for breakfast. And the crew was all getting ready to eat. And the captain had a cat named Tammy, and Tammy was down there, too, and she was hungry, just like everybody else. The captain thought she was a special cat, the best cat you could ever have. But you know, the cook didn't think that! He thought she was just a plain pest, always getting into something she shouldn't and always stealing something from the kitchen when he wasn't looking. Well, they were sailing along nicely and all of a sudden there was a BANG and it seemed like the whole boat just shuddered from one end to the other. The captain knew immediately what had happened. Something exploded down underneath and the side of the ship was out, and it was eveident it wasn't going to stand too long. So they all rushed to the lifeboats and the captain was the last to leave, and just before he got aboard, he called for his cat. "Tammy! Tammy!" - but no Tammy. Well, he thought, "She's not worth risking my life for". So they got in the boat and away they went ashore. Of course, everybody left the kitchen, and you know what Tammy was doing! She was having a real feed down underneath. Why, she thought this was great! Bacon and sausage and eggs! What's everybody gone for? And she was having a real good feed! Anyway, the captain thought about his cat, and they finally got ashore and he had a pair of field glasses, and of course, he wanted to watch his boat and see just what happened. And he watched her sink. But just before she sank, he noticed Tammy up on the deck, licking off her face and just curled up in the sun and ready to have a good sleep. Not realizing of course, that the boat was going down. And of course, it wasn't long, the boat went down, and Tammy went down with it. That was a nice cat, but a very unwise cat. Here she was, eating away while the ship was sinking, and she was going down to a watery grave. And boys and girls, that's just like people and boys and girls, too. Living their lives for themselves, and they're sinning their life away and getting all they can out of this life, and ignoring the fact they're on a sinking boat that's going down into a lost eternity. Boys and girls, if you're not saved, will you put your trust in the Savior? Get off this sinking ship and be saved today, because tomorrow it could be too late. Trust in the Lord Jesus and be saved today.