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Get On the Rock

By Harold Smith

My story today is about a boy who went to sleep in a boat. Now, that doesn't sound so bad, but this young boy was working on the Niagra Falls. And he didn't have too much to do, and he was well up above the falls, so he thought, "I'll anchor my boat, and I'll go to sleep". So he threw out the anchor and he thought everything was tied and hooked very securely on a rock, so we went off to sleep. But you know, he began to drift. The anchor wasn't holding, and the people on the shore could see this boat drifting down toward the falls! And they shouted and they shouted and they tried to wake him up, but they just couldn't seem to wake him up. Soon the boat drifted over toward a rock and it hit the rock. And they cried, "Get on the rock! Get on the rock! Wake up and get on the rock!" But the boy just didn't wake up. They couldn't wake him up. And the boat kept going and going and going and it got down near the great falls and suddenly, the boy woke up. And he looked all around, and he realized where he was, but it was too late. He couldn't do anything about it, and the crowd watched the boy go down over those terrible falls, down to his death in a watery grave, all because he went to sleep in the boat. Maybe, boys and girls, you're like that. You're asleep in this life, as you're going across life's sea. You're asleep, you're headed for a terrible, terrible falls. You're headed for a terrible death, like that boy was, going down over the falls. You're headed for a terrible death the Bible calls the second death. But boys and girls, if you'll get out of the boat and get on the Rock - Christ Jesus, the boat might go down over the falls, but you'll be safe and secure on the Rock. Don't go to sleep any longer, wake up to your sin and your need and trust the Savior. For He's the one you need, and He's the one that can save you. Wake up today and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ. Take Him into your life as your Savior, and be saved today. May the Lord help you to do it!