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The Faithful Dog

By Harold Smith

I have a story about a dog today. This dog had been a very useful dog. He belonged to a farmer, but this dog was getting old. And his ungrateful master had made up his mind that he was going to get rid of his dog. He thought, "Maybe I'll just drown the dog!" So one day he took the dog with him in a boat and he went out into a stream and he put a rope around the dog's neck and he got a stone and put on the other end of the rope and he threw the dog overboard. Down the dog went to the bottom, but you know something? That rope broke and up came the dog! And he tried to get in the boat, but do you know what that master did? He swore at him and he hit at him with the oar of the boat. He thought, “If I can only hit on the head, I'll knock him out and he'll sink and he'll drown." But as he tried to swing, he stepped toward the other side of the boat and the boat tipped over and he fell out of the boat and into the water. And do you know what? The man couldn't swim! Oh, what would he do now? But that faithful dog came around to that side of the boat and he took hold of his master's shirt on his arm and he struggled and swam toward the shore dragging his master to safety! What a faithful dog that was! After his master had abused him so meanly and was so heartless, and had tried to drown him, and had tried to kill him after the rope broke, that faithful old dog was still true to his master and safely brought him to shore and saved him. Now that is exactly like the Lord Jesus. We have been mean to Him. He came to earth and He was Faithful to love us, yet they said, “Away with Him! Crucify Him! We don't want this man to rule over us!" And they crucified Him, nailing Him to the Cross. And there on the cross, what did He say? “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do." The Lord Jesus was faithful, like that old dog, to love you and me. Though He was treated cruelly, He still loved you and me, even though we have sinned against Him. Isn't it time that YOU trusted in that Faithful Friend, the Lord Jesus Christ? Why not do it and be saved today?