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The Rich Man's Son

By Harold Smith

The Lord Jesus was born in Bethlehem's manger. He came into the world the Son of God to die on the cross to save lost sinners, and I'll tell you how you can be saved. My story today is about honoring the Son. This story really isn't about the Son of God, it's about another son. There was once a very wealthy man, and he only had one son. And he really loved this boy, but you know, one day this boy got terribly sick, and after a while, he died. And the poor father, he was really heartbroken. He had a picture of that son, a huge picture of that son, and he put it on the wall, and he used to leave it there, and he'd look at it quite often. And you know, boys and girls, one day the man died, and he left a lot of money, and a lot of property, but he didn't leave any will, they couldn't find his will anywhere. So after a bit, a court decided they had to sell his property. So they auctioned the property all off, and then they came to this picture of his son. Who would want the picture of his son? There was an old lady that put a bid in on the picture and she bought it. She had nursed that boy when he was only a wee little baby. She bought the picture and she took it home and one day, she was cleaning it and she looked in the back and it had been taken apart, and there was a little bunch there, and she opened it up and she hauled out this paper, and it was the rich man's will. And he said, "The one who loves my son enough to buy this picture can have all that I've got". And that poor old lady became the heir of that rich man's wealth, because she bought the picture of his son. He loved his son so much, he said, "Anybody that'll buy the picture can have all that I've got". Boys and girls, that's like God. He sent His Son into the world. And if you love the Lord Jesus enough to receive Him as your Savior, and take him into your life as your Savior, the Father will give you all that He's got. You'll become an heir of Christ, a joint heir of God, and you'll be really rich in the life to come. Have you honored the Son? Have you trusted Him as your savior? What a day to trust Him, right today, as your Savior and be saved. Do it today, and be saved!